Anonymous: Why you no reply to mi KIK message 

I do just Kik me now

Anonymous: ¿Habla espanol? 

Si muy cabrĂ³n

brittanyrf: Just ignore that anon, they just want to bring you down. Btw you're cute :) 

I know thanks

upsidedowners: hey (: you're cute 

Thanks blondie

Anonymous: single? 


Anonymous: wanna be hipster haha 

Yes, I wanna be a hipster so fucking bad.

Anonymous: ure ugly 

I know

Anonymous: I wanna kik you too but I wouldn't know what to say lol :3 

Just Kik me

Anonymous: I want to kik you but I'd feel weird! You're very cute though :) 

You can:)

Anonymous: Hello 


Kik me: alexitho97

Anonymous: if you're horny, then cock photo man! 

That’s weird

Anonymous: Are you virgin? 

Who ask?

stand-in-the-wind: You're actually so attractive. Okay that's all I wanted to say xo 

You’re also.