Anonymous: Hello 


Kik me: alexitho97

Anonymous: if you're horny, then cock photo man! 

That’s weird

Anonymous: Are you virgin? 

Who ask?

stand-in-the-wind: You're actually so attractive. Okay that's all I wanted to say xo 

You’re also.

dazedover: anywhere bby. it just seems like you've been gone forever</3 i missed you. 

Sorry baby you all can find me on kik: alexitho97

Anonymous: What are you doing in Toronto? 

Vacations anon (y)

dazedover: bby come back 

Jaja to where?

At Toronto.
Anonymous: What's the most craziest thing u have ever done 

Watch porn in school

Anonymous: How old r u 


deardiaryxoxo-ornot: Aye boiiii, you sexy 

Thanks dawg

Anonymous: what's your favorite summer memory? xx 

For now the EDC has been one of the bests